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About the camp

Olameinu Baltic Summer Camp is an annual biggest Jewish summer camp in the region for children aged 7 to 17 y.o with its rich history of more than 20 years. 

Together we aim to create lifetime memories for our participants by organizing and designing meaningful experiences through informal Jewish education.

We believe that by giving our children an opportunity to practice their culture, build friendships and explore themselves within the warm and safe environment of Olameinu, we are naturally assisting them in training their leadership skills, supporting their Jewish identities and together continuing to co-create our common Baltic Jewish community.

Welcome to Olameinu!

Every year, we come together for exciting camp experiences that blend tradition and innovation.

Our talented team of professionals and volunteers plans a variety of activities and events, offering chances to learn and explore Jewish culture.
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Topic of the camp

Each year, our team thoughtfully selects a relevant and meaningful Jewish topic to explore, offering our campers diverse and captivating program content.

Encouraging ongoing learning, we also cherish timeless Jewish practices ensuring a rich and balanced experience for all.

Creative Workshops

Israeli Dancing and Singing classes, Jewish-themed arts, sports and scouting, as well as organized special events.

In the schedule campers could also find “Hugim” - additional workshops organized by Madrichim according to their personal interests.

On a daily basis, campers explore workshops with their groups and in free rotation.

Skill-building environment

Olameinu Camp is the ideal setting for campers to refine communication skills and foster collaboration in their daily activities. Engaging in fine arts encourages creativity, while tasks like room cleaning and packing instill independence.

We prioritize leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and self-awareness, recognizing their significance for campers of all age

Jewish Learning

We're dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where campers can explore Judaism, its traditions, and culture at their own pace. Through immersive learning experiences, enjoyable activities, and daily discussions, we aim to guide our campers on their journey of identity building.

At Olameinu, we cherish timeless Jewish practices such as Shabbat, Havdalah, morning blessings, and Tikkun Olam, while also weaving our own traditions around them.

Friendly Community

At Olameinu, campers gather to form close-knit bonds, strengthened by shared interests, values, traditions, and memorable moments.

Our aim is to create a welcoming and caring environment where campers feel like part of a big family, encouraging them to return year after year and stay involved in their communities in between.

Kosher-style Menu

Our campers have nutritional kosher-style meals 3 times a day with flexibility for different dietary restrictions.

Meals are a communal experience, with the entire camp coming together. Our dining hall is filled with joyful singing and cheering, creating a warm and lively atmosphere for all.

Passionate Team of Madrichim

At the heart of our camp are our Madrichim, who bring diverse local and international camping experience to enrich our program. Serving as positive role models, they guide our campers through their journey at camp, demonstrating the joy and significance of Jewish learning, both in camp and in life!

Camp venue

In 2024, Olameinu found its home in Latvia, nestled in a beautiful, spacious and safe camp area. Surrounded by forest and a serene lake, our location offers comfortable accommodations, equipped sports playgrounds, workshop spaces and countless program possibilities.

For the safety and security of all, we provide exact location information only to registered participants.

Join us for a memorable journey filled with joy, welcoming camp community, and the richness of our heritage!

One day of participant

8:00Waking up
8:30Mifkad *Day-topic presentation and traditional camp morning blessings 
10:00Morning time with Madrichim
11:00-13:30Workshops rotation 
14:30 Organized free time & Hugim 
15:30All-camp Day Program / Lake time & Scouting  
17:00Peulot *Day-topic activities and discussions in groups 
18:00Cleaning & Rest time  
20:00All-camp Evening Program
21:30 Group moment
22:30Silence time 
23:00Lights Out  

Who we are

Founded by Jewish Community of Estonia, Riga Jewish Community and VSI Sababa LT, Olameinu Baltics SA is dedicated to strengthening Jewish community life in the Baltics by consistently providing regional, year-round informal Jewish experience and education for children, youth, and young adults from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Our Partners & Supporters

Thank you to our supporters!
We acknowledge all support we receive from individuals and organizations

Talk to us!

Our address:
Karu str 16, Tallinn 10120, Estonia

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